Wolves of Alt Street are live on Opensea


Just a few short weeks after launching one of the industry's first education NFTs. STF Academy has officially enabled on-chain minting of the Wolves of Alt Street. The NFTs grant lifetime access to the fast-growing STF Platform and open access to exclusive events (see the original article here https://medium.com/@stfacademy/stf-academy-launches-educational-nft-raises-50-000-in-24-hours-9318b05fb5ae )

To mint an STF NFT the following steps must be followed

1-Connect your Metamast Wallet to Polygon (make sure you have MATIC in your wallet to pay the fee it is less than $.05 cents.)

2-Sign into https://stf.academy/

3-A pop-up will populate for your preference and Whitelisting address ( insert your Metamask deposit address)Hurry this is on a first come first serve basis.

4-Wait for the back office to approve your whitelisting.

5-Once approved a new pop up will appear to mint the NFT Token

6-Once minted, head over to https://opeansea.io, connect your wallet, and enjoy your new Wolf of Alt Street!

You can visit the official STF collection at https://opensea.io/collection/wolves-of-alt-street

Members have begun minting their Wolves, you can feel the excitement within the community

STF Academy Discord Channel

To learn more about the NFTs and how you can purchase visit https://stf.academy



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